The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle)

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The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle)
The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle) The ISAAC Weighted Blanket (Bundle)
What's included:
1x Weighted Blanket (Grey)
1x Dual-Textured Cover (Grey)
1x Oxford Carry Bag (Navy)
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  • Premium weighted blanket at an unbeatable price: Best weighted blanket for kids and adults. This weighted blanket is 60" x 80" (152cm x 203cm) and includes an inner blanket with a washable dual-textured soft cover. Presented in a stylish grey and made from top-quality cotton.

    Inner blanket with even-weight distribution: ISAAC guarantees an even-weight distribution for a beneficial calming effect. With high-quality stitching, we guarantee no leakage between compartments.

    Dual-textured removable washable cover: With one-side smooth and one-side sensory-dot, the dual-texture outer cover brings style, comfort and warmth to your weighted blanket. Completely removable with a zipper for added convenience, this blanket is designed to be flexible for all weathers.

    Stylish carry & storage bag: The Oxford-style storage bag comes with easy-carry handles for when you and your weighted blanket are on the move. Made from a durable canvas material, store your weighted blanket easily when not in use.

    Quality assured: A British-owned company, our mission is your satisfaction through exceptional customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Snug and comfortable

It took a day or two to used to the weight but now I am used to it i just snuggle down under the duvet and feel comfortable. I do not seem to toss and turn as much as I did before I used the blanket. Still not sleeping through the night but this us nothing to do with the blanket. Mine is placed over the top of the duvet. The blanket and cover are well made and it looks great on the bed.

Lovely blanket but it hasn't worked for me unfortunately

I have no problems falling asleep but I am a relatively light sleeper & tend to wake in the night, usually a few hours after I fall asleep and again at 2/4am. I hoped this blanket would help to improve my sleep quality and achieve deeper sleep, but unfortunately I haven't noticed any difference since using it. :( I went for the medium weight as the lighter one was out of stock (I'm 8st 4ish) but I still don't really notice the weight of the blanket when under it.

The quality of the blanket is wonderful (which is the reason for the 3 star rating) and the cover is luxuriously soft and snuggly, although I do worry it would be far too hot to use in the warmer months of the year. The fact that the blanket has to be tied to the cover at numerous points is, whilst necessary to stop bunching, would be extremely faffy every time you wanted to wash the cover. I'm not sure how this would be overcome though and I imagine other weighted blankets must be similar.

In conclusion, this is a lovely, high quality blanket but sadly it just didn't work for me. :(

Amazing blanket

Really impressed, I sleep much better and it's so cozy and comfy. I'd definitely recommend it!


In three weeks I have not had to resort to nocturnal reading or wandering. My sleep is much improved, thanks


5 out of 5 would sleep again