Care & Use

Care Instructions

Inner blanket: We recommend spot-washing your inner blanket if it gets dirty. We do not recommend machine washing your inner blanket since most domestic washers are not designed for excessive loads. For complete peace of mind, we recommend purchasing an outer cover which is machine washable, to keep your inner blanket in the best condition possible.

Outer cover: We recommend machine washing your cover on a 30° wash, air-drying only to keep in the best condition possible.


How to use

Weighted blankets are as easy to use as you’d expect! Depending on whether you’re relaxing on the sofa or using it in bed, simply wrap the blanket around or on top of yourself and relax.

For the best effect, ensure your whole body is tucked under the blanket (do not cover your face or head) and the weight evenly distributed.

Whilst the 60”x80” blankets fit double beds, we recommend they be used for one person at a time.

ISAAC weighted blankets are not intended for young children, or those who would struggle to move the blanket independently (for example the elderly).

We do not recommend blankets be used by people who experience or already suffer from If you experience or already difficulty breathing, excessive temperature.