About Us

Our business

We are Isaac Sleep, a sleep and wellness brand based in Manchester, UK. 

We started this brand to offer weighted blankets (and, soon, other complementary therapy products) at affordable prices so they are accessible for more people. 

Our values

Our approach to health and wellness is open and curious. We believe that the modern world imposes stresses on our bodies and minds that are not yet fully understood. We believe that natural complementary therapies and remedies can help boost people's physical, emotional and mental responses to these stressors, thereby improving their quality of life. 

We also know that there’s a lot confusing and sometimes contradictory advice on the internet. That’s why our largest project is to debunk, demystify and make the inaccessible accessible. 

We like to ask questions, that's why across our website and social channels you can expect us to be talking about wellness themes from meditation to light therapy, ashwagandha to EFT/TFT tapping, toxicity to reiki healing. Our goal is to bring awareness and understanding to complementary therapies that may help people thrive and live their best lives. 

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